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Diesel Additive

Spyke Evolution XD-5

Enter SPYKE EVOLUTION XD-5!! The state of the art diesel additive from Spyke Technologies that was specifically formulated for diesel engines through intensive research and development to noticeably improve and optimize the performance yield of a diesel engine. In other words, the EVOLUTION XD-5 is “Designed to Perform”!!

By mixing SPYKE EVOLUTION XD-5 to your diesel fuel, it boosts the Cetane rating and increases the flammability of your diesel fuel. This will optimize the combustion process and ensures the engine has a shorter delay in ignition and a much smoother and quieter engine. You will enjoy improvement in torque. It also actively cleans and enhances the fuel injection system & general performance of diesel engines and exhaust treatment systems. Overall, it improves even the latest diesel engine’s performance and provides irresistible driving pleasure which you will be able to feel and enjoy.

The Most Potent
Diesel Additive


  • Considerably improves acceleration and power
  • Boosts Cetane rating to optimize combustion for a smooth and quieter engine
  • Improves ignition including cold starts as fuel ignites more easily
  • Actively cleans and removes deposits in the diesel injection system
  • Actively cleans intake ports, valves and the diesel fuel system
  • Actively cleans the DPF and EGR systems
  • Protects from corrosive activities in the diesel fuel system
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Compatible with all types of diesel and bio-diesel fuels
  • Reduces toxic emission and black smoke

SPYKE EVOLUTION XD-5 DIESEL ADDITIVE is suitable for all Diesel engines with and without Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

‘SPYKE’ your fuel with the EVOLUTION XD-5 Diesel Additive and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.


Next Generation
Diesel Additive

Specifically Formulated For Diesel Engines

  • Provides Irresistable Driving Pleasure
  • Improves Torque + Performance
  • Faster & Smoother Ignition + Improved Cold Starts
  • Boosts Cetane Rating to Optimize Combustion Process
  • 100% Active
  • Cleans + Prevents Clogging on Diesel Fuel Injectors
  • Reduces Diesel “Clatter”
  • Cleans the DPF & EGR Systems
  • Improves Fuel Consumption
  • Lubricates + Protects
  • Reduced Toxic Emissions + Black Smoke
“Dyno chart based on dyno testing using Ford Ranger T6 2.2 diesel”

“FEEL THE DIFFERENCE” with SPYKE EVOLUTION XD-5 Diesel Additive, the most potent Diesel additive on the market today.

The XD-5 is a state of the art product designed and formulated specifically to improve the quality of diesel fuel which helps to optimize the diesel combustion process. Being 100% Active, it also cleans up the carbon deposits and enhances the lubricity of the fuel injectors. This helps to improve the Torque + Performance levels in a diesel engine.

By using the EVOLUTION XD-5 for every full tank refill, it helps to maintain a more complete and controlled combustion process which in turn promotes an all round improvement in power, performance, cleaner and safer exhaust emissions plus lower fuel consumption. Black smoke from unburnt fuel is also annihilated due to the complete combustion process.

The information provided is based on our comprehensive research and development processes and may be considered well-founded, although not legally binding.




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